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Version January 18, 2024

  1. 1.
    Tokens Management screen - we are now allowing you to edit with one click
Bugs Fixes
  1. 1.
    “Update component” was not shown at some places when adding a child node, removing child node, changing order, etc…
  2. 2.
    Elements & components tab had small area that make the floating window close instead of staying opened.
  3. 3.
    Canvas Fit-View now works great (try it out!)
Fun Facts
Once, you could have collapsed the universe by allowing to add the instance of a component into itself. It helped us travel back in time but it made too many issues for our users. So it is now block so the universe is safe and time travel is gone…

Version January 11, 2024

  • Let me tell you a secret. The button, where you would upload a new asset and the create components are the first UI elements that have been built with JUX. We are happy to be building JUX with JUX.
It was requested during many of the calls we had with members from the community.
  • DDP UI improved - There is more room to work. The UI for all tokens, fields, and buttons in the design panel now allow to work smoothly.
  • Layers UI improved - We changed some of the alignments and the color of all the layers structure so you a clear understanding of the objects you design

Version January 9, 2024

  • 🎉
    We now support Copy/Paste
    • Copy an instance to get an instance pasted on the canvas
    • Copy a component to get an instance pasted on the canvas
  • Each layers can be named or rename
    These names will be used by the developer when pulling the component
Bugs fixes
  • Some users that experienced re-ordering layers issues - fixed!
  • Gaps between objects when using flex box was reversed. Now works properly

Version January 4, 2024

  • Editor supports Click-Drilling.
    • The logic is such that to interact with an element, you will first need to press the outmost layer. every additional click the selection will be drilled into the layer below that is selected. There are some extra usages that you will discover
  • We removed some extra text in the layers default naming. However you can rename the layers as you see fit 😃
  • Improvements
    • Create component button is now using a primary button
    • Every object on the canvas now has the true size it will get when rendered in a box under the object
Bugs Fixes
  • Mixed values for padding and margin fixed
  • Content Property issues have been fixed

Version December 29, 2023

  • Rename Layers
    - this was requested by the community.
    • Pulling the components is supported for the developers as well using the CLI (SeeInstallation)
  • Inproving mouse hover for children objects on canvas (Sometimes it disappeared when leaving the child object)
Bugs Fixes
  • Mixed value on DDP is fixed, you can now set mixed values or unified values for padding and/or margin correctly
  • You can now properly zoom in the canvas while pressing command ⌘ + scroll

Version December 25, 2023

Composition Support
  • Elements
    • Button - now with the support of composition and assets
    • Div is a nestable object (as it should), meaning designers can add other object into it
  • Features
    • Drag & Drop - allowing designers to create a composition
    • Components saved in library have a thumbnail to see the preview design
    • Simple Border Module in the DDP, allowing designer the basic design of bordering objects
    • Assets support - Upload SVG to use them in design and for developers in code
  • Layers support
    • Designing composition allows users to see the structure of the object
    • Reorder layers and objects nested in other objects
  • CLI support
    • Allow pulling components using the new structure
    • Allow puling assets that designers uploaded to JUX to the code as SVG Components
    • New login - faster and easier
  • Bugs fixes
    • Tokens page small UI fixes
    • DDP UI enhancements
    • Tokens that are not saved for everyone now will be saved
    • Fixed the issue that some token folders where missing after creating a new folder
    • Deleting token that are in used by other token is not blocked and users will not be able to damage other tokens
    • New rename for folders and tokens are not CSS and JS friendly (all lower case and kabab case)

Version September 14, 2023

First release
  • First Update of Editor + CLI
  • Designers
    • Built in token set as a demo token set - light and dark
    • Editor
      • Infinite canvas - looks like a regular vector canvas
      • Edit/Live mode on canvas are available
      • Allow dragging elements from the panel to the canvas
      • Allow adding tokens from the editor
      • Create new tokens from editor
      • Allow create components
      • Allow invite colleagues to the app - designers, developers and more.
    • Tokens support (Import tokens from token studio)
      • Color
      • Added support for Font Family tokens 👪
      • Typography
      • Dimension
      • Added support for nested aliases - Typography.FontFamily 🪆 👉 🪆
    • Elements
      • Text - simple text object
      • Div - the true auto-layout of the web
      • Button - HTML like button
      • Input - HTML like button
  • Developers (CLI)
    • Allow jux:login - login from terminal
    • Allow jux:pull - pull all components saved in JUX
  • Bugs fixse
    1. 1.
      Adding new token now works without the need to refresh the page
    2. 2.
      Creating a folder now works without the need to refresh the page
    3. 3.
      When editing - token set name, group name and token name, when focusing out of the currently edited input, we discard the changes (in the past we used this even to save too), right now the only action that saves the changes is the Enter key press.
    4. 4.
      When we fixed the Scroll: auto problem we had we introduced a new scrolling bug which is now fixes