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Get the JUX CLI to your machine

npm i @jux/cli --registry=https://npm.jux.io

Core Features

  • Pull components as well as the tokens used by the designer

  • Pull assets used (future)


As for now, there are 2 commands that developers need to know about:


Gain access to the organization to collaborate

Description: The login command allows you to log in to your JUX account, providing access to designer output.

npm run jux:login


Get all components and themes to your local computer

Description: The pull command in the @jux/cli is used to retrieve the latest UI components for your project. This command allows you to efficiently fetch UI components that are part of your project's design system, ensuring that your application stays up-to-date with the latest tokens and components.

npm run jux:pull


jux pull [options]

Run the following to list all available JUX CLI commands (alternatively, use the -h alias, instead of --help):

jux --help

Run the following to get help on a specific command:

jux COMMAND --help

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