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Intro to JUX

JUX's design tool gives developers a framework, workflow, and infrastructure to build and deliver UI and UX faster to production.

We are JUX

We're building a code-based design platform so designers can design the actual, real product as it will be used in production.

Why are we doing it

The lack of the right tool that enables designers to design the front of the front end is the source of the problem. When even designing a simple button involves multiple tools and systems, it's totally clear that the current state of software design tools and production environments needs a significant overhaul.
As a result, we established a common language among all members of the squad. "Juxtaposition", is when you place two concepts, objects or personalities next to each other, emphasizing their innate differences and similarities. We believe that the key to improving time to production is through the juxtaposition of product design and code, and that's where the name came from 🫳🏼🎤
The Handoff Situation

From dev to design

Or better, "Shifting authority from developers to designers"
We found out that some designers are not always proud of their designs in production since what’s pushed to production isn’t as precise as it could be, after countless time-consuming, painful iterations. Designers should see their screen in action - While they design, and NOT AFTER implementation 😅
We strive to create a new world order - where designers will see their screen in action while they design, and not after implementation, making them proud of their designs, since what's pushed to production now will have a 1:1 ratio with what they designed.
​Developers won't spend time recreating each vector design from scratch, resulting in sloppy generic code. Developers will work on business logic and quality. designers will essentially create APIs for developers to use.
When a product designer hands off, a developer colleague will receive something like this:
Code-based product design. Script-aware. with a button state of mind.

Designers start here

Developers start here